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Azin Alamoot Technical Electric Engineering Company

Azin Alamoot electric engineering company with more than 10 years of useful and relevant experience is fully prepared to provide the following services: Providing contracting and consulting services in the field of implementing power lines and power transmission projects and high-voltage substations; implementation of energy consumption optimization plans and providing advice in this field; consultancy, design, implementation and operation of distributed, gas, and renewable power plants, and carrying out design and industrial projects on a turnkey basis.
In general, our services include:
Carrying out all consulting, design, implementation, operation, repairs and maintenance projects in the field of electricity production, transmission and distribution, HV substations, automation and precision instruments, and facilities; providing advice and implementation of energy consumption optimization plans, and production, purchase, sale, and transit of energy; providing consulting and design, implementation, and operation of decentralized, gas, and renewable power plants

Undoubtedly, to accurately identify the behavior of an electricity network, regardless of its dimension, it is necessary to carry out detailed studies and expert simulations in the field of stability, quality, power, and reliability.

Nowadays, lighting is one of the most important indices in urban networks, factories, etc., and regarding its increasing importance, this company designs and implements lighting networks.

Considering the limitation of energy resources, today, more than ever, it is necessary to save energy and prevent the waste of these valuable resources.

Due to environmental issues and limitations of fossil fuels, the use of renewable energies, such as solar, wind, and water energy sources, has been increasingly considered by energy consumers and producers.

The role of human resources in the excellence and progress of organizations is considerably important. It can be said that human resources are the best asset of an organization since their role is more fundamental compare to other factors.

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